Chroma Magazine

Upper Peninsula

Chroma Magazine
Upper Peninsula

by Josh Lefkowitz


I wanted there to be something

more than summer

and this gray interior.

The medication was working

I could tell because I was still

alive, but oh, I missed the radiant

oranges and yellows at the crispy edges.

And red.  Put in a line about dangerous red.

The Upper Peninsula was a place

I kept thinking more and more

about, as a shed-worthy destination.

I’d miss taco night Tuesdays for sure

but maybe once alone I’d get it right.

Right – as if they don’t sell distraction up there.

No, my work was meant to unfold in the city

of myself, population of one.

Alright, that’s enough – I think I’m done.

No, wait.

Hold on.

Put in a line about tomorrow.

Good.  Now get there.